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tv   America Live  FOX News  May 10, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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jon: thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on new developments and new questions regarding the president's new support for same-sex marriage. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. president obama is expected to land this seattle, washington, before this broadcast is over today, the first of three west coast fundraisers with the last one at george clooney's house in hollywood. in the days leading up to yesterday's announcement of his personal support for gay marriage, we heard a growing number of reports about deep-pocketed democratic donors holding back on the checks and urging the president to take a stand. within an hour of the news, we are told the cash was rolling in yesterday. charlie hurt is a columnist for the washington times and with me now. charlie, the, you know, more cynical among us have said that this was a ploy to get, to get money or at least the timing of the announcement was.
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whether it was or wasn't, it seems to be working. >> i don't even think that you have to be all that cynical. i mean, i've talked to democrats, and i've talked to supporters of gay marriage who all firmly believe that these two events are very closely connected. it was a very well-choreographed effort by the lobby interested in gay marriage. and they have been very effective all along, as you know, going back through a lot of the fundraisers that he has that are unrelated to this. a lot of times president obama will be interrupted, shouted done by supporters of gay marriage who say he's not doing enough. he, of course, also encountered a lot of that with the don't ask, don't tell policy in the military. and so this, it's all culminated into just this week. and as you noted, he had his big turn around, his big come to jesus yesterday, and then today
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he's going to pick up about 15 million at a hollywood fundraiser hosted by george clooney. megyn: and be it's not just that, he's got quite a few fundraisers set up over the coming days, and in particular fundraisers with gay and lesbian groups where he's going to ask them to make donations. i have it here in front of me, and i will put it up in a second, but it seems like the timing is not accidental -- here it is. you've got the george clooney thing tonight. then may 14th he's scheduled to collect checks at a fundraiser with ricky martin, june 6th, another fundraiser aimed at the gay and lesbian community in los angeles, and on it goes. so, you know, i guess if you're going to come out in favor of gay marriage -- albeit personally, not as a legal matter -- why not do it before a group that you seek to help? >> absolutely. and be i think so much of it was the fact that he knew over the course of this week he was going to really hear a lot of it, a lot of complaints from his
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supporters who were also hosting these events. but, you know, the entire interview hadn't even been broadcast yesterday before president obama himself, well, through the campaign issued a fundraising appeal. and i think he raised something like a million dollars in about 90 minutes yesterday. so you're exactly right, megyn, he's making, he's raising a whole lot more money than just the $40,000 a pop fundraiser tonight at george, at the clooney -- megyn: sure, at clooney's. but the question is, you know, will this, is this going to be sustained? because already even though many members of the gay and lesbian community were very happy to hear the president as a man, as a individual come out and say i believe in gay marriage, many on the left have pointed out they don't think he went far enough, and really what he did was meaningless legally. a post on a well-known left-leaning web site today that calls this half aid cowardly
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copout, that's what they call it. and they say he's basically saying that if he were a judge, he would reject the argument that you have a right to get married as a gay man or as a lesbian woman and would affirm the right to have states -- of states to, as the left puts it, enshrine bigotry in their constitutions. and he is fine with that, he just personally would support it, you know, if he were able to cast a vote. >> you know, megyn, i think you've put your feng finger on the most important question of this whole, all these developments, and that is that he hasn't done anything. what he basically did was that he himself expressed his own personal opinion. but remember, this whole thing began over demands, you know, a couple weeks ago over demands that president obama sign an executive order that would require gays to be included in federal contracts. he's not signing -- or at least
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he's not said he's going to sign any sort of executive order to thatfect. and not only that, he's also in his interview yesterday said that he thinks it's perfectly fine for states to continue to ban gay marriage and be, in fact, not only that, but when he came out, he came out the today after north carolina voted to put up this constitutional ban on gay marriage. the courageous thing might have been to do it a day before or a couple of days before -- megyn: interesting. north carolina a critical state in this election. they're both watching very carefully, and that would have been quite a move politically. >> absolutely. megyn: we'll see what happens tonight, a soldout $40,000 a plate dinner at george clooneys. what on earth are they serving? >> i'd like some of it. megyn: see you soon. a little context now. early on some predicted it would be a billion dollar haul for
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the's re-election team, but as of the end of last month the numbers were way off of that. president obama had raised over $396 million -- $196 million, that's compared to mitt romney who brought in $88 million. but, of course, governor romney was still very much involved in a primary fight at that time in which republican donors were spreading the wealth around, if you will. well, new analysis today shedding light on how a prison inmate gave president obama a run for his money in tuesday's democratic primary in west virginia. we talked about this story yesterday. inmate keith judd and his impressive mullet winning more than four out of every ten votes in west virginia. even defeating the president outright in nine counties. political observers say judd's success likely has less to do with him and more to do with what is reportedly locally-referred to as the president's, quote, war on coal. coal is a way of life for many in west virginia, and be a rash of new regulations is seen as
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damaging to the industry, and now the coal business is fighting back with their ally, mr. judd. correspondent doug mckelway live in washington with more. >> reporter: that is quite a mullet, isn't it, megyn? megyn: it's a beauty. >> reporter: takes it to a whole new level. when these new proposed rules were announced just a month ago by epa administrator lisa jackson, the head of the united mine workers stated this, and i'm quoting now. >> reporter: across the spectrum, many fear bed that these new rules signaled the death knell for perhaps as many as 20-25% of coal-fired power plants. >> the u.s. coal industry used to produce about 1.2 billion tons a year. because of what obama's done, we're down to 800 million. that's a third of the industry gone. 83,000 megawatts of coal-fired electricity. >> reporter: environmentalists have praised these new rules as
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a positive and be necessary step against climate change, but others have said that abundant and increasing cheap natural gas will help to make up for the loss of coal-fired power. but critics say natural gas infrastructure is not yet in place and that there are difficulties with its transportation and storage which has led to price spikes in the past. >> and they're telling us that you're going to see at least a 30% increase in your electric bill now. you know? and for an older person on a fixed income in an older home who's used to paying $300 a month in electric bill, they're going to be pushing $400 a month now on that same electric bill. >> reporter: the new rules require older coal-fired plants to install what's called carbon capture and storage technology, but that technology is expensive, and it's commercially not yet available. representatives maintain they've made great strides in collecting about 99% of particulate emissions, they say epa has just set the bar way too far, without
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regard to the costs imposed on the industry and the economy in general. megyn: doug mckelway, thank you, sir. we are tracking some disturbing developments in a massive hunt for a man accused of a horrific kidnapping and murder. adam mace be now on the fbi's most of wanted list. he's accused of killing a tennessee mother and her oldest daughter before running off with the two younger girls, kidnapping them. trace gallagher live in l.a. with more. trace? >> reporter: and at first the fbi actually thought that adam paste was moving west towards arizona, now they say he could be anywhere in the country. this was captured three days after the crime in guntown, mississippi, where mayes lives. they believe for now the two young girls with him, 12-year-old and 8-year-old, are still alive. in fact, as you said, adam mayes' mother-in-law believes
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those two girls are his biological daughters, that his wife long suspected that mayes was having an affair with the mother. the bodies of joanne and her 14-year-old daughter adrienne will found outside of mayes' home in mississippi. his wife has been charged in this crime, she tells police he killed the mother and daughter so he could abduct the younger sisters, and that she not only witnessed the killings in tennessee, but she drove her husband, the younger girls and bodies to mississippi, and that is where mayes fled with the kids. mayes' mother, megyn, has also been charged in this crime with conspiracy. so he's on the run, his wife and his mother are in jail in tennessee. still no sign of him after almost two weeks. megyn: trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: well, the weekly unemployment report did not change much today, but we did get ahold of some disturbing new reports on what is happening with women in the workplace. and stu varney is here in three
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minutes with what could be a change to the office and to factories that lasts for years to come. plus, she should be dead. she was dead. but today she is here alive and well, surviving after spending over 15 minutes underwater. and she has an amazing message to share with all of us about what happens when one dies. and outrage over the leaking of sensitive information connected to an al-qaeda bomb plot that we thwarted. should someone be prosecuted for revealing that it was a double agent at the heart of this terror bust? we'll have that fair and balanced debate coming up. >> find out, if you can, who the hell is putting this information out, weakening our national security and potentially exposing great patriots who have put their necks on the line to get this information to us so
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now their plane's not blown out of the air, because i smell politics! ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em, with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds, and stops new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control.
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>> after my election i have more flexibility. megyn: well, it's unclear whether vladimir putin ever got that now-infamous open mic message from president obama through medvedev, but piewt been just sent -- putin announced today he is going to skip the g8 summit later this month, the first time the country has not attended since back this 1997. apparently, mr. putin apparently told president obama that prime minister dmitri dmitry medvedevn going in his place. dip plomatically, this is seen as a snub. well, we've got some eye-opening and historic new
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numbers now on women in the work force, and this is not good news. the bureau of labor statistics shows that 324,000 women just gave up searching for work in the last two months, and now the number of women not working in this country has hit an all-time high or at least high in a few decades. more than 53 million women are not employed. why is this happening? fox business network's stu varney is with me now. we're talking about people who could be employed, we're not counting little girls and -- >> adults over 18, not in the work force. megyn: why? and why have we taken such a hit in the past couple months? >> okay. first of all, the drama. 53 million not there, 35 million men what a disparity. that's an extraordinary disparity between men and women in the work force. megyn: yeah. >> you asked why. well, look, in the great recession which we're just coming out of, more women lost their jobs than men. when it comes to going back to work, finding another job, women
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often don't have the same skill sets as men, so so fewer go back to work. and if they do go back to work, it's often not economic to do so because they're no longer in the home, they now need child care, transportation needs, commuting costs, it's often not economic to go back. so fewer are going back into the work force. megyn: even though so many households have two working parents now, it does tend to be the case that the woman earns less than the man in the household, so if one is going to have to give up their job because it doesn't make sense financially to work, can't pay for daycare, whatever, the woman tends to do it. >> yes. now, this is a long-term shift in the nature, the look of our work force. because there are so many fewer women in the work force, that's allowed us to get the unemployment rate down to 8%. if we had the same participation rate in the labor force as we had in '07, the unemployment rate would be 11.4%.
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think of the shift in the labor force. after world war ii, more and more women came into the labor force. megyn: right. >> after this recession, more and be more women are dropping out. therefore, you've got a reversal of a three-generational trend. and that's not going to be reversed very easily. this is something you're going to see in the future. the balance between men and women which we've become accustomed to -- megyn: right. >> -- that's broken down. megyn: there's been quite a bit of talk of women, contraception and religious issues and whether stay-at-home moms shop valued less than working moms in light of that hilary rosen comment. this is an issue that women will pay attention to. those 53 million women, many of whom would like to be employed but are not looking any longer, could be a sort of silent majority who are going to make a difference at the ballot box in november. >> could well be. they have borne the brunt of this recession in terms of being
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at work and getting a paycheck. they're the ones who are now staying at home, and as hilary rosen said, they haven't done a day's work in their life. how will they react now that you've got so many million women in that position being told you're not really working. megyn: you're not signing on to the hilary rosen comments by mentioning that -- [laughter] she did apologize by the way. >> i have a wife and four daughters. megyn: good man. you'd be out on your ear. stu, thank you. interesting. coming up, there is a growing split between the united states and us -- israel over what iran should do next in nuclear negotiations as a u.s. media outlet profits that israeli prime minister netanyahu is now taking a hard line on iran. ambassador john bolton says the media has this story all wrong, and he will explain that is a real problem. plus, a college student embarks on an outdoor adventure in georgia and ends up fighting with her life, diagnose with the a rare flesh-eating disease.
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megyn: new developments, now, in a horrific story of a young woman fighting for her life in georgia. as of yesterday, 24-year-old amy copeland was hospitalized in critical condition because of an infection from a flesh-eating bacteria. she has already had one leg radically amputated and at one point went into cardiac arrest. her prognosis right now is very grim. how could this happen? dr. richard finish -- furshing
10:24 am
is here. doc, she went on one of those zip lines. >> with right. megyn: she was going down the river, she saw it, she gave it a try. it snapped, it cut her leg, and there was a gash. she went and got 22 stitches. how do you go from getting a gash and getting it stitched up to now having a grim prognosis on your life? >> this is a tragic story. this is a young girl, goes out for an adventure, falls off a zip line, cuts her calf. she ends up in the hospital, 22 stitches. the doctors put her on pain medicine, she comes back to the hospital the next day in excruciating pain, one of the early signs of a condition we call neck rotizing far united -r eye dis. it's caused by a number of different bacteria. in this case we believe it was caused by a water-borne
10:25 am
bacteria, and this particular problem very uncommon, but found in streams and water. megyn: so this was a creek in carrollton, georgia. are you more likely to get it if you're swim anything a body of water that doesn't move as much? >> once there's an open wound in your body, you're compromised. there's no evidence to indicate that she was a compromised individual, but if -- megyn: she was a 24-year-old. >> healthy girl. no reason for it. but in this case the bacteria got under her skin, and once this bacteria gets under your skin, it releases what's called an exotoxin that spreads through the skin, destroys the tissue, and then the infection spreads through the bloodstream. megyn: they cut off her leg at the hip, a high-hip amputation. why wasn't that the end of the matter? >> once it spreads through the blood, the infection can spread to other parts of the body, and at this point the surgeons are considering amputating other
10:26 am
areas as well, her arms, for instance, might be a problem next. megyn: is there any way of preventing this? i mean, do people out there who just cut themselves? 15,000 a year sounds like a lot, but in the grand scheme of the american population, it's not. how do we prevent this? >> it's serious enough that 2-3,000 people die from this particular problem every year. if you are exposed or you have a gash or a cut, it's important to keep it very clean. put a antibiotic solution on it. the most common causes of flesh-eating bacteria are causing by two other sources. typical strep infection can get under the skin and cause a problem, so that's a problem. the second is called mersa, and that's caused by overuse of antibiotics. so what people need to do is make sure if they do get a wound, clean the wound carefully. if they have diabetes or are compromised, take extra care. and make sure if they experience any of the symptoms of flesh-eating bacteria which is extreme pain, change in
10:27 am
coloration around where the injury was, if it turns black or you notice it becomes oozy or pussy, go to your doctor immediately. they can do cultures and tests and monitor it. megyn: she went to the hospital, wouldn't they have given her antibiotics or something for a gash in the leg, 22 stitches? i'm looking for some way to comfort, you know, our viewers who wind up in a similar situation who are now going to have to worry about this. >> well, they may have done all of those things that are needed, but once the infection spreads, many of these bacteria are not susceptible to ordinary antibiotics. you need intravenous antibiotics once that happens. patients should be aware of it and, again, those extreme situations where someone has a problem like that, notices those changes, also experiences feeling the worst they've ever felt in their life, fever, chills and also notice that they have that change that occurs, that extreme pain. those are the warning signs that this is much more serious than they thought. megyn: yeah. i said furshine, did i mess that
10:28 am
up? i keep messing that up. my apologies. always interesting. >> thank you. megyn: coming up, a florida pastor who spoke to the president moments after his big announcement yesterday had a warning for mr. obama when the two men spoke. he is here live to tell us about that phone call and why he thinks mr. obama may pay a political price for his decision. and what was supposed to be an adventurous trip turned into a near-death experience be. this woman said to have come back from the dead after being trapped for 15 minutes underwater. she'll explain why she has now written a book called "to heaven and back" in just a few minutes. plus, fallout growing over media leaks surrounding the foiled al-qaeda bomb plot on u.s.-bound planes. why do we now know that it was a double agent who foiled this plot, and should somebody be charged with treason?
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>> this administration, this executive branch throwing all information out in the public realm where our enemies can see it, that's absolutely nuts. senior u.s. intelligence officials. does the reporter think we're idiots? those are administration be officials. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain
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await more information on what looks like a passenger plane crash. 45 people on born a russian-made plane are feared dead. they spotted the wreckage scattered across the side of a volcano in the a remote part of int niche sha. more on that as we get it. in washington. white house threatening to veto a republican budget bill to head off cuts to hit the pentagon and other agencies. question medical billing found at 2600 drug stores in the united states the government says drug stores are vulnerable to fraud partly because medicare does not require private insurers that deliver these prescription benefits to seniors report suspicious billing patterns. megyn: new fallout from reports that a double agent working with cia and saudis helped stop al qaeda's latest plot on u.s. bound airplanes. some critics are outraged that someone would leak that
10:34 am
sensitive information. they say it is almost unprecedented for us to know virtually real time that the person at the heart of the operation was a double agent working inside al qaeda. radio host mark levin going so far to call it treason and suggesting this leak wreaks of politics. >> just pretend you're investigating major league baseball playersp and steroid use. you're very aggressive about that. that was very important to know for our federal congress whether players were sticking needles in their [bleep] with steroids. we have anticipateses great. wonderful. now find out, if you can, who the hell is putting this information out. weakening our national security and potentially exposing great patriots who put their necks on the line to get this information to us so another plane's not blown out of the air! because i smell politics. megyn: does he have a point? joining me now, simon rosenberg, president and founder of progressive new
10:35 am
democrat network a think tank and former campaign advisor to president clinton. michael graham, wtkk-fm radio host and "boston herald" columnist. thank you both for being here. michael, let me start with you on this, trees on sore not should this be investigated. we're told they're starting investigations how did this happen? did the newspapers have an obl -- obligation not to print it. >> i remember the good ol' days when it was crime to mention that joe wilson's wife worked for cia we had people dragged in the courts. real-time intelligence to the press, whatever. the obama administration is great at starting investigations particularly when it comes to classified information. they have a record numbers is my understanding but very little follow-up, very few results. what is scary there is an ethos on the left that giving out information about what the intelligence and military communities are doing is a good thing.
10:36 am
look at bradley manning, who probably got assets killed abroad but was nominated for nobel prize by looney lefties. megyn: simon, "the l.a. times" posted this report breaking the double agent story and talked about, attributed it to officials, they talked about officials providing this information. you know, the criticism is if we had not known that, that it was a double agent inside of al qaeda that did this for us, that didn't deliver the bomb to the airplane as instructed but brought it to u.s. officials we could have sent him back, could have brought us to "the bomb maker." could have used him for all sorts of intel efforts but now we can't. >> megyn, maybe. i mean i don't think we really should believe we really understand what happened based on a few stories that we have written about, read about in the paper in the last few days. i want to say first of all, that we have to applaud our intelligence agencies, the department of defense, cia everybody involved in this operation. this was a tremendous
10:37 am
success. this was a potentially dangerous event that was forestalled by our intelligence operations. so first of all you know, i think we should start this conversation by saying congratulations to our team that continue to protect us here at home. on the second point here, i still think it is very early in all this. we don't really know what happened. there is investigation being launched. megyn: we know we've been told there was a secret agent, double agent at heart of this. >> very prominent columnist, julia kayam former senior dhs official the leak is from the cia because there is huge turf battle going on between dod or cia who will have control over the drone operations and these strikes into places like yemen. i think it is very early. everyone should calm down here. this administration clearly doesn't have any culture of leaks. this is ridiculous assertion by my colleague here. i mean they have, there has been much more extensive use of drones in this administration than there was in the bush
10:38 am
administration. they didn't even acknowledge existence of these drones until the last two weeks, 3 1/2 years into the administration. so that entire spew we heard a minute ago was silly and we have to stay focused on the fact this president has been unbelievably successful taking out bad guys and the right is pissed off about it. megyn: michael go ahead. >> i give president obama all kind of credit. i love the fact he is now using intelligence tools he deounce moed running for president. i'm glad he embraced gitmo he denounced when running for president. the problem when you see same people cheering bradley manning open traitor and all of sudden leaks coming out from officials it is not unusual to say, i have wonder if there is problem here. you can't deny the ethos and current white house and team president come out of. look at fiasco going on in gitmo where you have the lawyer for the, whack job 9/11 killers demanding the judge make the navy personnel wear one and there is the judge, hand picked by
10:39 am
obama administration well we left their guys have their fun. megyn: there is lot there. keep it on the double agent leak for now, simon. >> sure, megyn. al qaeda has been essentially been dismantled while the president is been office. megyn: we're not talking about that. why do we know? why do we have to know? why do papers have to print it? what if we could have gotten more information? what if we could have saved more lives. >> megyn i think administration launched investigation of this. clearly wrong, what happened, shouldn't have leaked. somehow idea this was done as was asserted earlier for political gain, this administration has kept all sorts of covert operations under wraps for years. we know nothing about. there is no culture of leaks. there is no culture. this has, they have managed this portfolio of issues unbelievably well. part of it is the right is freakedded out that we've had such a successful foreign policy president who is the guy finished job against al qaeda.
10:40 am
that is part of what is going on here. so they have said that this is wrong. they're going to investigate it. and hopefully we'll find out what happened in the months to come. megyn: we had a lot of leaks unpresident bush as well. all of which have been very controversial. >> right. megyn: thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. megyn: in recent days we heard stunning allegations against a well-respected actor but that actor, john travolta says he has evidence that completely clears him against allegations that are being made by folks who's identity is being protected. we'll take a look at this case when the gavel drops in "kelly's court". and, what happens after you die? the woman in this kayak is a respected spine surgeon and in three minutes she will join us live to explain what she experienced when she was trapped 15 minutes underwater before she says, she came back to life. ♪ wake up!
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megyn: now to an incredible story of survival. a well-respected surgeon kayaking in a remote south american river drowns. 15 minutes underwater after a horrific accident pins her to the bottom of a river. no air and no way out. amazingly dr. mary neil did manage to make it out alive after she was rescued but she says she had a blims of the afterlife. that she calls one of the greatest gifts she ever received while she was struggling under that water. author of the book, "to heaven and back", dr. mary neale joins me now. she is orthopedic spinal surgeon. dr. neal, thanks for being here. i want to start, prior to this incident were you a religious person? >> i would say i was pretty typical in that i was raised
10:45 am
in a church on sunday morning and i did take my own children to sunday school but i think it was typical that i never incorporated spirituality into my daily life. and so --. megyn: did you have a thought about afterlife or heaven prior to this one way or the other? >> i'm not sure i really spent the time to think about it. i had four young children and a full-time job and a husband and, life gets in the way of thinking about spiritual things usually. megyn: so you're out in this horrific accident. you find yourself under a waterfall kayaking. >> it wasn't horrific. it was wonderful. megyn: right, right. starts off kind of horrific though. and take us through it. what happens to you as you find yourself submerged you know water? >> well, i was submerged and the force of the water had me absolutely pinned to the front deck of the boat and so i was not able to push myself out of the boat or pull the spray skirt off and
10:46 am
exit the boat. i tried a number of times before it became clear that i wasn't going to be able to exit the boat on my own and i was far enough away from the shore of the river that i didn't think anyone was going to be pulling me out. and at that time i gave my life over to god and truly and sincerely asked that god's will be done. and at that moment everything changed. i was very calm and peaceful and felt great and i had this very physical sense of being held and comforted and reassured that everything would be fine. my husband and my children would be fine. regardless of whether i lived or died. megyn: this is while you're under the water with no air, you can't breathe. you're completely submerged. do you believe you were dying?
10:47 am
>> yes. i continue to do self-assessment exams and i knew i couldn't breathe but for me it was a very seamless transition. i had never wanted to drown. i had always been afraid of drowning even though i'm a water person and for me one of the remarkable things is that i never felt panic. i never felt afraid. i was really very calm and continually reassured even though i knew that i had no air and i knew that i was dying. megyn: you say you felt, you rose up and out of the river and when my soul broke through the surface of water i encounter ad group of 15 or 20 souls who greeted me with the most overwhelming joy i every experienced. tell us about that. >> it was fantastic. these were people, spirits souls, april not quite sure what to call them, all the
10:48 am
me andound a little goofy were so filled with love and joy. and they were people that i had known for an eternity. and they had known me for an eternity and we were so happy to see each other and they were clearly there to help me go down this path and protect me and it was wonderful. they were exploding with god's love and grace. and they took me down this path that was so beautiful that i have really no words to describe it. and time and space had a difficult sense. so i could rejoice with them simultaneously i could look back at the river bank and see my body being pulled to the shore and seeing cpr being started and i looked
10:49 am
back on my body and sort of felt fondly toward it but, gee you served me well and it was then that i truly realized must actually be dead. megyn: wow! do you, as a doctor, have a medical explanation for any of that? >> where medicine ends god begins. that's the real answer because this was not a dream or hallucination and it wasn't the result of a dying brain. this was more real than anything we experienced here on earth. megyn: and now -- now having been through it, do you have any fear of your own death? >> oh, absolutely not. i wouldn't hasten it but i am looking forward to going back when it's the right time. megyn: wow.
10:50 am
>> i have no fear. megyn: dr. mary neal, an incredible story and we're so grateful that you came on to share it with under the circumstances. i do want to ask you before you go quickly one of the questions you think can answer in your book, why do bad things happen to good people. can you leave us with your thoughts on that? >> i would tell you there is no such thing as something that is bad. as one very quick example you called this a horrific accident. i look at it with incredible gratitude and joy and we may not understand how a quote, bad thing transitions into a beautiful thing you i think when you truly have trust that that beauty exists we can look, unfortunately always retrospectively but we can almost always look back at something and see all of the incredibly positive and beautiful things that have come out of something that would
10:51 am
originally be called tragic. megyn: yeah. >> even going back as far as death of christ. we celebrate it. megyn: got to leave it at that. dr. neal, thank you so much. the book is called "to heaven and back". and we'll be right back. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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10:54 am
[click-click] [♪...] megyn: small town mayor crying foul over a little league scoreboard honoring a fallen soldier. the mayor says he has repeatedly asked the town to have this taken down. and even offered to pay for it. but why exactly does he find it so offensive. trace gallagher live in l.a. with more. trace? >> he has been the mayor of lemister, mass outside of boss stein for 19 years. 30 years ago he bought a bunch land and let little league use it for a lot of things and build a field for handicapped players and of course that scoreboard.
10:55 am
he wants to build homes on his property and he asked the little league to please move the scoreboard. little league says we will move it but we need a survey. they can't afford a survey and city won't pay for a survey. mayor says, good news i have a survey you can use it. they say no, not good enough we want our own survey. as you mentioned the scoreboard is also memorial to a local soldier killed in iraq, jonathan roberge. his family says the scoreboard can be moved and as long as it is moved with very, very great care. the city, mayor, little league are still at a standoff. listen to both sides. >> if anybody else put a sign on somebody else's property, or if they put a fans or anything else or trash, there would have been, they would have been calling for an inquest an investigation or whatever. if i did that on their property. >> if we don't have access to it how do you expect me to move it? only way to come through the
10:56 am
centerfield and ridiculous. you will drive a tractor over centerfield? >> the mayor blames this on a local board member who thinks he has it out for him for some longstanding political vendetta. he thinks he is trying to embarass him politically. that is why this board member will not help the city move this off of his property. not exactly "field of dreams" in leominster, mass. thank you. right after president obama announced his new position on same-sex marriage, he called pastor joel hunter, considered to be mr. obama's spiritual guide. what did the two men say to each other. we will ask the pastor, when he joins us live coming up. america's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff at the center of a new controversy. the justice department moments ago filing suit against arizona sheriff joe arpaio. we'll tell you why the doj is so upset and why sheriff joe knew this would happen weeks ago.
10:57 am
>> they want to take me to court for political reasons. so you know what i say? i'll be glad to go to court. they will have to put the facts on the table which they refuse to give me any information of -- a party?
10:58 am
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megyn: a brand-new hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. the white house defending the president's sudden support for gay marriage personally. they say it came from his own personal convictions. that comes as we wait for the president to land on the west coast for a series of political fundraisers. wendall goler live at the white house with more. >> reporter: the president says he didn't make the decision for political reasons and it's not clear how it will play out politically but he will test
11:01 am
drive his new position in friendly territory. he has fundraisers on the west coast, including a big one at actor george clooney's home in los angeles. one of his spiritual advisors. paul hunter. hunter opposes same-sex marriage but he says most young people do not. one of his influences was his daughters who have friends with same-sex parents. >> i conclude for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> reporter: the president said he was influenced by gay and lesbian men and service woman he helped free from the constraints of don't ask, don't tell. his decision opens another front in a battle with likely
11:02 am
challenger mitt romney who has been making clear he disagrees. >> i do not favor marriage between people of the same gender and i don't favor civil unions if they are identical to marriage opt are than by name. my view is a domestic benefits hospital visitation rights and the like are appropriate, but the others are not. >> reporter: the president planned on making the announcement before the democratic national convention which is being held in north carolina whose voters just banned same-sex marriage earlier this week. and the timing pushed by vice president biden's comments. megyn: shortly after president obama announced his support for same-sex marriage he called one of his spiritual advisers pastor joel hunter. hunter says he told president obama he did not approve of the decision and predicted that
11:03 am
could cost the president politically. that pastor joel hunter is our guest here. we'll speak to him about the conversation he had with the president coming up here. in just the last hour the doj making good on its threats officially filing a lawsuit against arizona sheriff joe arpaio and his office over allegations of civil rights allegation and profiling of latinos. the feds wanted an independent monitor to oversee changes they were demanding within the sheriff's office. but after months of negotiations arpaio said that was not going to happen. the sheriff came on america live after the talks broke down and successes he was ready for a court battle. >> they want to take me to court for political reasons. i say i'll be glad to go to court. they will have to put the facts on the table which they refuse
11:04 am
to give me any information of so-called allegations. if we go to court, that's great. then we'll see the true story come out. quite trainly i don't think they want to go to court. they don't have the evidence. so we'll see. is this a poker game? they want to go to court we'll be glad to meet them in court. megyn: william lajeunesse outside the u.s. attorney''s office in phoenix. >> reporter: to change what they consider to be discriminatory and unconstitutional practices. the complaint alleges there is widespread discrimination against latinos on the streets and in the jail. number one they say profiling. 9 times more likely as a latino driver to be stopped by mcso than a white driver. also they say if you look latino here you are fair game for
11:05 am
deputies. inmates will be punished for speaking spanish. they were called by deputies wetbacks and mexican bitches. thirdly retaliation. that critics were silent and basically to instill fear against judges and public officials and citizens who would protest. >> the police are supposed to protect and serve our communities, not divide them. at its core this is an abuse of power case involving a sheriff and a sheriff's office that disregarded the constitution, ignored sound police practices, compromised public safety and did not hesitate to retaliate against perceived critics. >> reporter: the sheriff says discrimination is not systemic in his agency. that the feds' allegation are
11:06 am
based on an i can dots that would not be unusual in a department his size. he says this is politically motivated. saying the obama administration and eric holder have been gunning for him for four years because of his enforcement of immigration. >> i'm an elected shaffer. i'm not going to give up my organization to the federal government. it's as simple as that. but i'm willing to work with them. >> reporter: the feds' allegation were originally contained in a 22-page document issues in december. talks broke down on the issue of this independent outside monitor. the feds say they need it to insure compliance and it worked with l.a.p.d. for 7 years. the sheriff says he.nont not expect his policies and procedures to be decided in washington. he says that's not what the voters elected him for.
11:07 am
megyn: the parents of a u.s. soldier held hostage by the taliban speak out. they accuse the u.s. of moving to slowly to try to free their 26-year-old son. trace gallagher has the latest from our breaking news desk. >> reporter: we knew talks with the taliban have been slow and stalled for months. but the family is very frustrated because the deal you just mentioned. they believe there is a swap in the works for five taliban militants in exchange they are being held at gitmo and they would be likely sent to qatar and placed under house arrest. in exchange beau would be sent back to the u.s. military. the family thinks president obama is caving to conservatives who say that we should not negotiate with terrorists. the family says and i'm quoting here we started out by trying to encourage the taliban to take care of our son.
11:08 am
now we are worried the government isn't concerned enough to put him on the negotiating table. the pentagon will not comment about this except to say they are working to bring sergeant bergdahl home. the military first said he walked away from his outpost. after they got a tape, he claimed he was captured when he lagged behind his troops. the family said this negotiation they wanted to keep secret for fear of safety of their son, now necessity want to bring it public to hopefully get the talks moving again to bring home their son. megyn: the allegations that president obama is supporting same-sex marriage as a personal matter. coming up that pastor will join us live. and we'll learn why he thinks there could be serious political fallout for the president as a result of all this.
11:09 am
>> * new evidence of a growing polite between the u.s. and israel over what iran should do next in a showdown over a suspected nuclear weapons program. ambassador john bolton is here after the break. while millions of americans cannot find work. there are openings at some of washington's biggest agencies. why have these watchdog positions gone vacant for years. 5-hour energy?
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when i'm on overtime.
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11:13 am
general eric holder is stone wall their investigation in a gun running scheme. and there is ongoing fallout for the administration in terms who authorized it, how it happened and why at least the two of guns that walked in that operation ended up at scene of a border patrol agent's death in america. speaker john boehner wrapped up a news conference where he praised the work of the oversight committee and told reporters congress quote needs to get to the bottom of this. he did not even doarts idea of contempt charges. that the issue. is boehner going to allow the oversight committee to put that to the full congress? but he says he will hold them accountable. a growing split -- appears to be a growing split between the united states and israel over
11:14 am
what iran needs to do about its nuclear program. israel saying upcoming talks can only succeed if iran has all of its uranium enrichment after the united states says it may allow some uranium enrichment up to a point by iran. now there are reports that israel is taking a new hard line on iran. but the next guest says it's not israel that changed its position. ambassador john bowl to is a former ambassador to the united nations. you say it's the united states that changed its position. >> the israeli position is iran needs to comply with successive is united nations resolutions that require iran to stop all uranium enrichment activity it many the obama administration and europeans who are prepared to say to the iranians, just stop the enrichment at the fordo
11:15 am
facility of the 20%. you can continue your existing enrichment for reactor grade amounts legitimizing the longstanding violation of security council sanctions. megyn: israel is -- you say israel is making the same position it used to maintain. >> it's boor journalism dpleepg there. it's the became administration and the europeans who for negotiating reasons or fear of failure of these negotiation efforts have compromised their position and are offering iran a real freebie. megyn: you maintain we used to take a tougher approach with respect to iran. our vice president doesn't see it that way and made news when
11:16 am
he said the following. we want to get your reaction. >> when we took office, let me remind you, there was virtually no international pressure on iran. we were the problem. we were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region, in europe. america's leadership was in doubt. we were neither fully respected by our friend nor fear bid our opponents. today is it starkly different. megyn: you were the ambassador to the united nations under president bush. >> i think biden should stick to gay marriage. the fact is there were successive security council resolutions including after i left the job imposing sanctions on iran, pass unanimously or at least without dissent in the security council. there may have been a couple
11:17 am
abstentions. what happened under the obama administration is russia and china and drifted away and iran has been in a position to circumvent even the existing security council sanctions. it's the obama administration's weakness that has given iran 3 1/2 years of respite from international pressure. megyn: he says we weren't respect bid our friend and fear bid our enemies. he says today that is starkly, starkly different. your thoughts, ambassador. >> i think it is starkly different. i think we are even less respect bid our friend and even less fear bid our adversaries. the effort to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons has had a lot of failures the last 20 years. but the last 3 1/2 years the pace and the scope of iran's program has stepped up. that's why we are at the critical point where within a short time iran can get nuclear
11:18 am
weapons. the secretary of defense leon panetta has said that as have other top administration officials. that's why we are at the desperate point we are at now. megyn: general jack keane was on an had blame for presidents of all stripes. he says since the 1970s we have been allowing iran to get away with murder and we don't do much to rein in iran whether it's a republican or democrat in the white house. i don't understand why we are so unwilling to take them on. is it the prospect of going to war with a country that has so many extremists, religious extremists? >> i think we made a mistake militarily in not responding to iranian supplied weapons that were used to attack coalition forces in iraq and to attack u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. and i think on the nuclear front
11:19 am
we have succumbed to the prevailing view at the state department that iran can be negotiated out of its nuclear weapons program. that's delusional. it's been collusional for 20 years. all the time and effort we spent on these negotiations has simply given iran time to overcome the scientific and technological difficulties of getting nuclear weapons. megyn: we have to go in there purporting to do this in good faith and their representations they are being honest. then there is a report from the new york time that talks about how commercial satellite imagery shows the warchon site which has been off limits to the united nations inspectors. the iaea says they want to
11:20 am
inspect that, then the satellite imagery shows iran cleans up that site in which they may have been testing explosives. >> what a surprise. they meet with the iaea again next week. then there is a followup in baghdad may 23. my prediction is iran uses these two meetings to throw sand in our eyes. they will float what appear to be compromise proposals. they may back off and iaea access which is intended to give the perception' progress on the negotiations. there will be no substance but there will be blue smoke and mirrors which will have the effect of granting iran more time to continue to make progress. megyn: john bolton was the ambassador to the united nations because he says the perm five plus germany. very nicely done.
11:21 am
thank you, sir. see you soon. right after the president yesterday announced a new stand on same-sex marriage, a new personal stand. he said he wasn't making policy. he called his spiritual guide, pass store joel hunter. and pastor hunter cautioned the president about the decision. why? plus two ma sidewalk therapists are making charged accusations against actor john travolta. now the star reveals new evidence had he says clears him in at least one of the cases. we'll examine the proof being put out by his lawyer and the accusations in today's "kelly's court." yeah, you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em?
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megyn: new information on a settlement reached in a duck boat crash that killed two hungarian tourist. their families will split $15 million. the tourist were killed when the barge crashed into the duck boat. 18 passengers who survived the crash will share $2 million in the deal. new questions in washington today about why it is taking so long to fill key watchdog positions meant to control how your money is spent. the positions have been vacant for years. nearly 1,600 days at the state department, 1,200 at the department of interior and 1,000 days at the lane department.
11:26 am
who is watching your money to make sure it isn't being spent on hot dogs and expensive suites in vagus? >> reporter: this state department has had no permanent inspector general since 2008. given what the i.g. uncovered at the gsa. members of the house oversight committee from both sides of the aisle want to know why there are so many unfilled i.g. positions. >> the president you can excuse or six months or a year, but 3 1/2 years almost to the end of his first term, assuming he has a second term, is just too long. >> reporter: there are 10i.g. openings at the federal level. four have been vacant for 1,000 days. five are dealing with cabinet-level agencies.
11:27 am
>> roughly the number of vacancies in the i.g. offices are comparable to the number of vacancies in 2004 as president bush was gearing up for his reelection. i think that perhaps that suggests something about how onerous and difficult the senate process has become. >> reporter: eight of those vacancies having to filled by a nomination made by the president and confirmed by the senate. the democratically controlled senate has yet to vote on even two. megyn: . the man president obama called after he announced his personal support for same-sex marriage. pastor hunter joins us next with the warnings he offered the president and why. has one state retreated from the war on cupcakes?
11:28 am
the liberation of sweets for school kids next. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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megyn: we have some new numbers on the housing front as mortgage rates hit a new record low.
11:32 am
a 30-year mortgage is down to 3.8%. that the lowest since long-term mortgages began back in the 1950s. the rate on a 50-year falling to 3.05%. there is a little good news for due. we are learning this hour that the postal service racked up losses in the billions this past quarter. agency set to lose even more money if congress does not approve evening saturday deliver is and cuts to health and labor costs. while 8th graders improved in signs, 7 out of 10 are still not considered proficient. >> i just concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married.
11:33 am
megyn: that was president obama yesterday become the first u.s. president to announce his personal support for same-sex marriage. after he gave that interview to abc news he called pastor paul hunter for are guidance. we are told pastor hunter had some concerns and he agreed to join us today. you are driving down the road with your wife. you get a phone call from the president of the united states who just announced to robin roberts his personal support for gay marriage and what did you tell him? >> i want your viewers to know i pulled over and got out of the traffic so i could answer safely. but basically i listened for a while because he wanted to tell me his reasoning and how he arrived at this conclusion. i had a couple concerns i wanted to talk with him about. one was i couldn't get there from the scripture i read.
11:34 am
and he understood that. that's one of the reasons he was calling me. he knew i would be in a different place. the second one was i wanted for him to be aware that this might be perceived as another attack on religious liberties. perceived from the standpoint of conservative christians, not that he ever intended an attack on religious liquor is. an gave me some ashowers this was his personal opinion. however, we all know the personal opinion of the president even thought it is not meant for policy, still has some impact in that direction. and so that was my concern that the church be protected. megyn: did he say anything to you that was different from what he said to robin roberts in terms of how he got to this decision? >> i'm sure he did. i didn't hear that full interview. and of course i wasn't privilege write to it. megyn: he talked about malia and
11:35 am
sasha and they have friends being raised by same-sex parents. >> the president sometimes thinks with his heart. he has a great compassion for people, especially those left out. as he inper brets scripture, he interprets it through that filter. those of us who are evangelical try to interpret the meaning of the text no matter how difficult it gets. megyn: i know you said you believe the announcement even thought it's only of his personal opinion as opposed to a call for change in policy, will, you said, quote, cause president obama as much hurt as it will help. why? >> well, there are several communities, including the evangelical community, but also the -- the african-american, the
11:36 am
latino community that have been very strong for traditional marriage. this has a destabilizing effect. this is a central cultural component in our society. i was alarmed at a couple of things. first of all it looked from the timing after the bind announcement that he was being pushed into a decision that was political rather than simply value based. and secondly, i was concerned that this couldn't get a full enough picture -- it would be immediately thrown into the political realm and frankly my part in his life is not at all political. it's more personal and pastoral. i wanted for him to be able to arrive at this for a personal decision, which i think he did. i think this is who finally decided that he could be
11:37 am
authentic. but i didn't want it to get mixed up in the political fray. megyn: you mentioned the skip tiewrs. a lot of our viewers are people of faith. but some are not. some look at this decision and say you can't base your assessment of what is moral and what is right in 2012 america based on documents that are thousands of years old, principles that are thousands of years old and that cannot be our standard, otherwise we would still have slavery and segregation and a lot of things people consider discriminatory like gay marriage. >> i understand that. that's the difference between believers and non-believers. if you understand how to interpret scripture, you know the eternal moral principles apart from the cultural context of the day. that's very important. the ten commandments will always
11:38 am
be in effect. the laws of prohibiting us from eating shrimp not so much. so you have got to be able to interpret -- megyn: i have got to talk to my priest about that one, pastor. >> i know. but you have got to be able to interpret scripture from your knowledge of scripture and not just picking out scripture and saying this doesn't fit. i realize there is a difference in viewpoints here. megyn: do you feel like a lot of folks came out and said he's basically calling for an end to bigotry. those who oppose bay marriage like yourself are bigots, are guilty of discrimination and you are in the dark ages. you are the same as folks who believed in segregated schools and believed there is a difference in the races. if you believe there is a difference between heterosexual marriage and homosexual marriage. >> i understand. i have been called that before.
11:39 am
i don't believe people who have a moral compelling understanding of scripture -- if they love homosexual people, if they prize them as being made in the image of godpect them are bigots just because they disagree on who ought to get married. megyn: the response is it sounds like a separate but equal thing. the plaques are fine as long as they go to their own school. the gays are fine as long as they love in a way that doesn't have the same label as what i have. >> some things are separate but equal. there are laws about who can get married in this country and who cannot. so there are realms of relationships that the church cannot countenace. and the church cannot counte
11:40 am
nance. this is my opinion about what is a valid marriage as it come out of scripture. and i'm just one pastor. so i'm not trying to run the country. megyn: we take all perspectives here. pastor joel hunter. we appreciate it. >> you are welcome. megyn: thanks for sharing your thoughts about your conversation with the president. we are taking your thoughts on it as well. follow me on twitter at megyn kelly. john travolta's lawyers say they have new evidence that refutes some wild claims that two accusers are making against john travolta. a party?
11:41 am
11:42 am
[ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. twenty-one vitamins and minerals. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. refreshing nutrition in charge!
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11:44 am
john travolta fighting back after some x-rated allegations surfaces from two massage therapists. he was accused of improper sexual conduct. his lawyer said he wasn't even on the west coast that day, he was in new york. but now a second proof making allegation about a separate exchange at an atlanta resort. they are suing travolta for $2 million. his lawyer says he's going to countersue for malicious prosecution. joining us now, mark eiglarsh, and julia more oh. julia, set it up for us. these two men did not file a criminal complaint. they went right to the lawyer who could fill their pocketbooks, and they unlike mr. travolta get to remain anonymous as they stand behind these allegations.
11:45 am
>> i'm a huge travolta fan and this is an intellectual exercise for me. >> objection, relevance. >> you can't make this stuff up. the details in this complaints are unbelievable. the clothes he's wearing, the car he's driving. the burgers when he showed up at the bungalow. direct quote, come on, dude, i'm jerk you off. megyn: let's keep it p.g.-13. >> this is a court document. with these kind of details, chances are it happened. they are going to the lawyer and based on that if there is smoke, there is fire. how many victims will come out and say they did this to him. megyn: the two alleged victims we know of. one says it happened in l.a.
11:46 am
and travolta's lawyer said he can prove virginia travolta wasn't even in l.a. that day. >> i'm not too good at geography. when the plaintiff says i'll never forget that day with it happened january 16 at 10:00 a.m. and there are flight records that show at that time john travolta is in the other side of the country. later that day had a ward web fitting also in new york and had dinner at mr. chow's, also in new york. it's physically for him to have committed this abhorrent made up offense. it's difficult to find out where travolta is shooting a movie. he never filed a criminal complaint. he waited, jumped on the bandwagon. megyn: i was going to say that wrong with mark just said.
11:47 am
the second guy, the atlanta victim did complain. he worked for the hotel where travolta was staying and he told his boss what had happened because travolta came looking for him even if down in the spa. he told his boss what happened and nothing was done about it. he did make a complaint. as to the alleged alibi. so the guy is off a day. travolta was in l.a. january 15. if that's the best defense he's got, good luck, john. megyn: the plaintiff's lawyer says he will be able to disprove the proof that travolta's lawyer is offering about travolta being in new york. he's saying we are going to prove that this evidence of travolta being in new york is false. that will get litigated out. i don't know about plaintiff number one, mark, but plaintiff number two, a separate guy coming forward in atlanta. his details are explicit. if this is a lie, with it is a
11:48 am
ridiculously detailed lie. >> that's the difficulty. i have been doing criminal defense and prosecution for 20 years. the best lies are based on those who come into the arena and give in credible detail. you know what makes some of these people believable? megyn: what makes them believable. >> all you have to do is give in credible detail. you change something -- if somebody did this to you you change it to a deep pocket. you say the was john travolta. it looks like you are telling the truth but you are not. i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. i don't know if that happened to him. megyn: the thing that got my attention is when the lawyer said i have been contacted by scores. he says he's got scores of male massage therapists who are coming forward as well. if it's true, we are going to find out. not everybody is going to be able to be shown to be a liar.
11:49 am
>> that's right. maybe lit turn into a class action suit. from what the lawyer said, people from every state in the country are coming forward. megyn: it's disturbing these are anonymous plaintiffs who never went to the police, who went to some lawyer who handles criminal cases. and filed a lawsuit against john travolta and we don't get to know who they are because they are alleged sexual assault victims. john travolta has his name dragged through the mud. he's a beloved figure in american culture. we don't get to know who the guys are. if this is b.s. do we get to know who who the plaintiffs are and can extra voal a sue them? >> you can't squeeze water from a rock they will probably let it go. most of america will assume this is not true. and we'll move on. megyn: will they? >> i would hope so. he has gone through the mud with
11:50 am
his son and that extortion scenario. we know that high-profile folks with a bull's-eye on their forehead. megyn: i don't know whether they are true or not true. but if they are not true you can't sue if you are a public figure. it's impossible to sue for definition. now he's been abled with this illicit seeking -- the whole bit, he's labeled with it and effectively if it's not true there is nothing he can do. >> first of all he can't sue for defamation because the allegations are made in the context of litigation. but if he's ultimately successful, you are the first win your case, then you can sue for malicious prosecution and filing a frivolous lawsuit. et cetera, et cetera. maybe with that he would be vindicated or there might be a few straggling disbelievers
11:51 am
around. megyn: if this guy is right he's got all these other alleged victims we'll find out. the real question for me is why didn't anybody report it to the police. we'll be right back.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
megyn: update on a bake sale ban in massachusetts. after that state's health department went after school bake sales. lawmakers voted to override the nutrition guidelines that put a stop to the fundraising effort. today the state senate takes up the amendment to try to restore the bake sale to the kids. a surprising survey on hybrid cars. it seems folks who own one are not that excited about buying another. what are the numbers saying
11:55 am
about hybrid loyalty? >> reporter: for many hybrid owners the experience one and done. just 35% of hybrid owners in this country chose to buy another one when it came time to get a new car. loyalty dropped in eco-conscious cities like los angeles, san francisco and portland, despite high gas prices and wanting to reduce dependence on foreign oil. >> there are vehicles that are more fuel efficient and cost thousands less than their hybrid counterparts. >> reporter: on average people get rid of their car after about 6 years, that means the current gas prices, most hybrid owner don't see a savings. back to you. megyn: do they feel the car met
11:56 am
their other expectations? >> reporter: many don't. many say they were disappointed with the technology. bruce cornelius who lives in los angeles told us his 2008 honda civic hybrid, he says that this car did not get nearly the gas mileage he expected and he says the electric battery system often didn't work which means his green car released carbon emissions just like the mercedes-benz he had given up. analysts think former hybrid owners will return to the fold when sticker prices drop a lot. megyn: two weeks ago one world trade center was set to take its place as the tallest building in america. but that could be changing. i'm a marathon runner,
11:57 am
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